Episode 32 – Betrayal at House on the Hill

In this Episode we play Betrayal at house on the hill! Finally back in print after being shown on Tabletop, I managed to score a copy of the reprint, and we gathered to play it. Will we survive the rigors of the house, and which of us is the traitor… one of us must be… surely…

For more information on Betrayal go here

download the file

The Images Associated will appear here 😀 (once I’ve sorted them).

Image 1
Image 2
Image 3
Image 4
Image 5

Please let us know what you think either here, at thecultofteaanddice@gmail.com, or @Cultteaanddice if you want to give us any feedback, please also leave us feed back on Itunes if you want to!

NB: this podcast includes swearing, boardgaming, Perfidious Romany Fortune tellers, a child punching people in the brain with his ring, and rather a lot of jokes about the UKIP.

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