Episode 36 – Descent The Cardinals Plight

The Fourth Episode of Descent, in which the players try desperately to save the Cardinal before Merrick Farrow can kill him and corrupt the Staff Of Light. Its a hard fight, facing dragons and Fleshmoulders in a dank graveyard trying to prevent Merrick from raising a veritable horde of Zombies, which he then launches into the Cardinals own library!

Will the cardinal meet his death at the hands of the grey fleshed corpses, or will the players win through and take the staff of light for their fight against the machinations of the Overlord.

For more information on Descent go here

download the file

The Images Associated will appear here 😀 (once I’ve sorted them).

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Image 2
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Image 8
Image 9
Image 10
Image 11

Please let us know what you think either here, at thecultofteaanddice@gmail.com, or @Cultteaanddice if you want to give us any feedback, please also leave us feed back on Itunes if you want to!

NB: this podcast includes swearing, boardgaming, Archive, dragons, a Cardial with a stick, Zombies everywhere, and me using the OVERLORD VOICE

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