Kuro – The Four Otaku of Sto-Vo-Korr Session 2

Episode 37

We return to the ghost haunted streets of Shin-Edo following Detectives Tanaki and Kurasawa, and their Occultist “friend” Liger Usagi, who is only slightly dodgy. This Episode they are also joined by Chiyo Matsuki who is an overclocker, a computer hacker from the back streets who fiddles with all sorts of technology, but mostly reprograms androids to upgrade their abilities, well Androids and Pop corn machines.

In this episode they continue their investigations into the Death of Yun Odo in Sto-Vo-Korr, while their Sergeant may think that the culprit was obviously a Homicidal Lolita with a silenced shotgun, the team are leaning heavily towards a more supernatural explanation.

However before they can do that they must first examine a cursed computer game, because that is obviously a major plot point and not something the GM threw out on the fly at all…
Players… siiiighhhh


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This Podcast is Explicit, contains horror, murder, swearing, Archive, and amongst other things ghosts.

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  1. Love the podcast guys binge listening to all the episodes. It is totally my cup of tea pun very much intended.

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