Fate Accelerated – Discworld Quest for the One True Mock Session 1

Episode 69

In our tribute to the Late Sir Terry Pratchett (an awesome gentleman) we have decided to play Fate Accelerated Discworld.

The Unexpounded Relics Retrieval squad sets out to seize the artefact known as The One True Mock. A wizard called Larry Dusseldorf, another called Heffalump and one who is as yet unnamed set out with a Witch who every animal loves and a Priestess of the goddess Annoia to the Lost City of Eee to try and reclaim it.

How do you find a lost city? You obviously take the train don’t you.

Please consider giving to The Research Institute for the Care of Older People if you loved Sir Pratchett’s work!

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This Podcast is Explicit, contains evil cults, Cthulhu (because he gets into everything), the Moji, Inquisitive Wizards and Fate Accelerated.

Music is Gaslamp Funworks by Kevin Macleod, Discworld belongs to Terry Pratchett and his family

One Response to “Fate Accelerated – Discworld Quest for the One True Mock Session 1”

  1. Mockmistress Says:

    I have the one true mock -mwahaha – and it is cheesy and mexican! You will NEVER get it back – mwahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

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