CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – The Blood Red Fez – Session 8

Episode 78

Baron Von Hoeffler has finally arrived and immediately takes charge of the situation, although the Players worry that his immediate response of “go and murder Menkaph and his compatriots and take their Fezzes” might be a little bit too direct action for them. Added to the fact they keep tripping over Chinese Ladies in the corridor, and Menkaph has made it clear he will stop at nothing to get the book and the other Fez back, its all looking a bit bleak.

Can Henry Terrence Smythe and the others survive… and if they don’t who was the Henry Terrence Smythe Sadie etc met in the present.

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This Podcast is Explicit, requests for information from Dr Hannibal Lecter, Menkaph the dick who wears a cape, Carry on Cthulhu. Also another appearance by the strange chanting children.

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