CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – La Fleurs Du Mal- Session 2

Episode 89

Having started their researches in Paris the investigators continue attempting to hunt down clues about the Sedefkar Simulacrum and its previous owner the Comte De Fenaliché. Not knowing what forces are arranged against them however, anyone could be a worshipper of the Skinless one, or worse.

Follow us now as the investigators continue their researches and also their tourism. With the Ambassadors letter getting them access to the Bibliotech Nationalé, they continue their researches, and then press on following up different clues.

First though, they take a trip to some Art dealers and then they head down to the Catacombs of Paris for more tourism!

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This Podcast is Explicit, Archive, “fancy a shag?”, BAD french accents, joy at being insane, oh and the Tonsils of Death try and kill Mawdrigen (I’ve removed Most of the Coughs).

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