CoC7e– Horror on the Orient Express – The Dreamlands Express Leg 2 – Session 1

Episode 120

We get to a slightly anarchic start as it is unbelievably hot in Cult Central. Before the Investigators can get out of Venice they need to find Oliver Oldstaff who was last seen fleeing from the Palazzo Di Rezzoniani. Will they find the missing Antiquarian, or will they have to flee before the hammy fist of the Fascisti falls on them.

With the leg firmly in their possession they should leave as soon as possible…

Of course when they leave they will be tired, so they will likely sleep, and perhaps (definitely!) be drawn into the dreamlands to the Train in Henri Peters!

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The Music is Oppressive Gloom by Kevin MacLeod.

This Podcast is Explicit and contains swearing, Oliver Oldstaff having a moment…, more Fascisti Pigs getting their comeuppance, Bloodied takes us wildly off piste with momentary Julian Cleary / Norman Lamont mentions. Donald Trump causes hysterics. Oldstaffs keep fit method is mentioned (it involves lifting his Amazonian scale wife), and finally Archive

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