Small Games – Marrying Mr Darcy, Baron Munchausen, and Chrononauts.

Episode 126

We decided to play three small games in an evening and record them for your pleasure. We start with the surprisingly fun Marrying Mr Darcy (Mawdrigen was skeptical at the start) with Bloodied as Elizabeth Bennet, Mawdrigen as Kitty Bennet, and Archive as… errr… Darcy’s Cousin. We worry for a short while about it getting a bit Targaryen but have fun playing. Then we move on to the storytelling game that is Baron Munchausen, the Count von Harrddddttttt, the Marquis Du Champagne, and Lady Penelope Witherstaff join together to speak on various stories… such as how the Marquis ended up with an Island in his trousers. After dealing with that

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The Music is was provided by the magnificent Syrinscape.

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, stinging Roman Death Bushes, Lots of bad Elizabethan Lady impressions, Grimsby makes it onto Crimewatch during our recording, the Tyranny of Ants, The Suns Back Passage, Moby Dicks brother Mouldy Dick, Shooting hitler in the face, and time based shenanigans.

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