My Little Pony: Tails of Equestria – SUPER EXPLICIT – Friendship is … We’re too drunk to remember. – Diamond Dogs and Dodgy Dudes

Episode 200
Welcome to episode 200, possibly the sloppiest drunken episode you will have heard from us!

We decided to play the My Little Pony Roleplaying game Tails from Equestria for this because… well I’m not overly sure but we did. Please note though, this is probably not safe for young children to listen to. Will they survive, or will we get really tired and have to have a lie down…. forever.

Buy Ritz biscuits, they potentially “cheesy”

Join us as a band of Podcasting Ponies try to work together as friendship is magic to rescue a friend from the clutches of… Well you will have to listen to find out!

Oh gods the Monolith threw an absolute wobbly at being forced to record this. I’ve done my best, but after a certain point it all becomes a bit echoey!

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This Podcast is SUPER Explicit and contains Archive, Mawdrigen Getting Salty very early, Demons, Bloodied getting Salty, Horses, literally painful horse puns, Unicorns, Pegasi, Ponies, TRex Hooves, The Princess just Puts it up there, Pony Dame Edna, The National…, square cookies, two hooves up!, This is Jinsy songs, strongly held views on ponies, strongly held views on cloaks, Methapone addicts, racial stereotypes about rats, Cy-Pone-Etics, Ritz biscuits, arguements about Ritz Biscuits, doing all the plans at once, Dirigible/Zeppelin confusion, floating, Pony Pole Dancing

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