D&D5E – The Grand heist – Session 1

Episode 383

We’re back in the world of 5E as members of a troop of very skilled thieves. Lying low in a new town our heroes find themselves approached to take on a particularly interesting job. A job… which instantly starts to sound like a trap.

Oh dear.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, heists, planning for heists, a very strange tabaxi, and an obvious trap.

3 Responses to “D&D5E – The Grand heist – Session 1”

  1. First of all, let me say that I enjoy your content very much and have been for years. Your podcast inspired many of my own sessions and I aspire to run something as fun as, say, Sanguis Omnia Vincet one day.

    However, before even listening to the episode, I saw ‘D&D’ and ‘a heist’ in one sentence and I asked myself: why? What’s the point? It’s just gonna be magical chicanery top to bottom to solve any and all problems, and that is as far from the idea of a heist as it’s humanly possible.

    Seeing the players and synopsis, I was quietly optimistic. Until the fireball/invisibility/flying part, that is. Yup. That’s what DnD always comes down to, all right.

    Still, having listened to your previous games, I remain hopeful that it won’t be as predictable and will continue to eagerly await future episodes for you guys to prove me wrong.

    -Cheers, D. (Not Dracula)

    • Firstly thank you for your great comments! Glad you enjoyed Sanguis Omnia Vincet (the players are still traumatised by the end of that!)

      I suspect that the heist will continue to involve magic right up until the point where we utterly mess it up and have to scramble to fix the issue! We will definitely be putting our own spin on things I hope and as always what we’re doing is usually less important than who we’re playing while we do it 😉

      So far we’ve scouted our target and prepared for miles to try and screw us over… and when we next run… we’re going in!

    • Additional… if you want lower magic fantasy Hijinks I heartily recommend the Dragon age game! We’re still as … special but much less magic!

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