Unnamed Kea Game – Kea : Cheeky Buggers – Something on the Wing

Episode 415

In this game written by Wayward Masquerade (@WaywardMasq Etsy) we take on the roles of potentially the most dangerous creatures we have have ever portrayed… Kea.


Alpine Parrots with a penchant for trolling humans if they can keep out of the hands of D.O.C (AKA The Fun Police), these critters are definitely out for adventure.

Adventure on a Plane…

Total Costs:
250 Million Dollars

1 Airbus 320
1 Damaged Runway
1 Major Airport Shutdown
1 Parliamentary Server room decimated
10 Traumatized First Class Passengers
A Large number of restaurants raided

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Kea, Toupees, Air Craft, Hijacking, and Peril

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