The Adventures of Baron Munchausen

Episode 450

For episode 450 we decided to play a very random game very badly! We play our previous characters and regale you with stories of their past!

Download the File

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, and basically just madness!

3 Responses to “The Adventures of Baron Munchausen”

  1. I miss the days when I could just download the file by right-clicking ‘Download the file’ without resorting to inspecting the HTML code in Firefox, copying outer HTML into edge, removing all but https address, opening it and downloading with those three dots thingie.
    Breaks my immersion.

    • We haven’t actually changed anything it seems to be something WordPress has done. I’ll have a look when I get chance and see if I can reinstate it.

      • On episode 452 I have tried a new method. If you click the link it will take you to the file, then click the … button and select download!

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