Unhallowed Metropolis Lost Inheritance Session 1

Episode 5

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Welcome to the very special Fifth Episode of the Cult of Tea and Dice Podcast! This is an Actual Play of Unhallowed Metropolis (Unhallowed Metropolis Website) the Tesla-punk Victorian Zombie Apocalypse game!

In this episode the new Lord Leigh, having had a thoroughly enjoyable time at his father’s funeral receives a terrible shock that leads to him having to take rooms in a derelict Coaching inn in the East End borough of Limehouse. How will he cope, out among the normal people? Will he be able to reclaim his inheritance? Will Corinne his mourner ever get paid? Who does Lottie keep talking to?

Finally the most important question… Why is this Gin SO BAD?

NB: This podcast contains swearing, and also themes of an adult nature. Oh and Britishness, lots and lots of Britishness.

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