Episode 7 – Unhallowed Metropolis Lost Inheritance Session 2

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Lord Leigh and his… friends… continue looking into the Camden prostitute murders. The find the market is a hive on interesting characters, but who could be the murderer? The Creepy Manager of the Philip Cross hotel? The Poor Hospitals Doctor? “Lord” Harley McKinnon the Gravedigger who is profiting so handiliy from the situation? They don’t know but they aim to find out.
With Lottie (Tottie?) busy having conversations with herself seemingly, they resolve to search the area and try and find out who is the cause of these pernicious murders. At the same time, they must keep themselves safe from the predations of Animates.

All the while as they maintain their cover… as “Perverts” sorry “Adventurous Individuals”.

NB: this podcast includes swearing, adult themes (prostitutes and zombies for a start) and intense Britishness. Also contains the fateful line “Pump her for information”. Also witness the awesome power of the word “Thirteen”

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