Game of Thrones Peril in Kings landing Session 1

Episode 13

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Bloodied begins running us through Peril at Kings Landing, please be aware that these playthroughs will no doubt be full of spoilers for this campaign, so if you are intending to play it DON’T LISTEN! No… Wait.. Do listen but forget everything abut the plot (we have).

Follow the machinations of House Grimwood as we attempt to sort out our little succession crisis through diplomacy, poisoning, plotting, and pitting Westeros’ toughest man against the cream of the Kingdoms knighthood. In this episode we get to meet the characters, Garrick Snow, the not quite legitimate possible heir, Amyria Grimwood his younger half sister, Allyria Hill the adherent of the Old Gods, and Irvette Sand, Amyria’s handmaiden who certainly doesn’t have any secrets.

In this episode we meet the characters and the mission they have before them.

The music is White Noise Labs Metal version of the Theme (here )

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NB: this podcast includes swearing, Garrick Snow, adult themes, spoilers for the game, and again… Garrick Snow.

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