Rebellion in the Black City Session 1

Episode 16

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I honour of Podcast Saturday ( and Black Friday and so on 🙂 ) I’ve decided to release two today.. Aren’t I nice to you!

NB: Please Note we recorded this AGES ago and we now have more Commenters! We Love you Guys!

Today we begin our semi regular Black City campaign using the rather fine FATE Core system (available here). The Black City is actually my own creation, and the campaign is mostly being used to flesh out the world I’m doing writing in, as such the world might be a little strange.

I will try and write up a little “Gazetteer of the Black City” at some point so that there is a bit more information on the setting available to you all. It’s a strange and somewhat unpleasant place, filled with horrifyingly powerful but broken creatures.

The campaign will follow Denver Soul, an investigator for the shadowy Ascendancy that rules the city, Meneith a disgraced Cog Shaman, Tzark a Spider Waldyr who is very much the muscle of the group, and finally Barnabus, a strange sort of Enslaver who sneaks into peoples houses to eat their dreams (leaving only Nightmares).
One of the Cities High-Order Enslavers has been murdered, which as this would cause a power-vacuum, concerns the Ascendancy greatly and given one of their Skryers has spoken a prophecy regarding it, they dispatch Denver Soul and his compatriots to Deal with it.

Will they manage to solve the murder? Or will the crisis spiral out of control with minions going to war with their masters, and possibly bringing about the fall of the Black City.

This Podcast contains Swearing, Themes of an Adult Nature, Weirdness, Dr Broomstick, Darkness, oh… and Enslavers lots of Enslavers. As such this podcast can be assumed to be Explicit.

Music: Thunder Dreams by Kevin Macloed

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