Game of Thrones Peril in Kings Landing Session 2

Episode 15

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Still Spoilerrific for the Peril in Kings Landing campaign, so don’t listen to it if you are intending to play that campaign.

Off on their travels to Kings Landing, the scions of House Grimwood, and fully one fifth of the Scourge of Pyke their elite warriors, are heading down the Kings Road towards the capital in an attempt to sort out the succession crisis. Along the way they visit a number of taverns (much to Garricks delight), and find out that there is a mysterious bandit in the woods nearby, and House Dannet (they of the useless cows) are heading down the road ahead of them.

What will happen? Will any Ale be left in the world after Garrick is done? Will Amyria roll her eyes so hard that they pop clean out of her head?

N.B. This Podcast contains swearing, Garrick Snow, adult themes, horses, swearing, and the words “I give them the wink” far too often, as such it is Explicit.

The music is White Noise Labs Metal version of the Theme (here )

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