Game of Thrones Peril in Kings Landing Session 3

Episode 18

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The third session of the Game of Thrones Peril in Kings Landing, which will obviously be Spoilerriffic for that campaign. We continue on to Kings Landing finding out more about the Fox Knight, and what he has been up to. We also finally catch up to House Dannet and have a “conversation” about why they are telling people that we murdered all of their small folk.

Surprisingly the Diplomacy was somewhat left to Garrick. What could possibly go wrong.

I might have used the words “heads on spikes” far too often to actually count as diplomacy.

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NB: this podcast includes swearing, themes of an adult nature, Garrick Snow, potential poisoning, and diplomacy of a strange and unusual nature.

The music is White Noise Labs Metal version of the Theme (here )

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