Episode 31 – Game of Thrones Peril in Kings Landing Session 8

While Garrick and Irvette were out hunting the Fox Knight, Amyria and our religeous adviser decided to wander to Queen Cersei’s reception. Taking Qybyeorne the Religious Fanatic and one of the Scourge of Pyke as bodyguards they intended to mingle with the upper class ladies there attempting to network.

Of course at some point Garrick is probably going to wander into this party with a spy on a stick.

What could possibly go wrong.


The Music continues to be White Noise Labs Heavy Metal cover of the Game of Thrones Theme.

download the file

Syrinscape is found here http://www.syrinscape.com

This Podcast is Explicit, contains adult themes, mingling, “the murder room”, Social Networking, and a Tyrell Sandwich in potential.


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