Episode 39 – Game of Thrones – Peril in Kings Landing – Session 10

Please note that we were still trying to sort out the Microphones, so the sound is a bit… variable.

Having confirmed our Hedge knight Bryan Telson as the fifth member of our Grand Melee, and drunk Thoros of Myr under the table (and under a tent) Allyria Hill begins to make a plan involving Braavosi Whiskey and poisoning the Mountain.

Oh and Garrick makes one hell of an entrance at the start of the Tournament.

Will our plans come together, will Garrick be made legitimate, whatever will happen at the kings banquet? Only time will tell!

The Music continues to be White Noise Labs Heavy Metal cover of the Game of Thrones Theme.

download the file

Syrinscape is found here http://www.syrinscape.com

This Podcast is Explicit, contains adult themes, Garrick Snow, Archive, Swearing, brothels, Thoros of Myr. Oh and the sentence “By the way, Poison-o-clock!”

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