[ITS SUPER EXPLICIT] The Cult Drunkenly Play Kobolds Ate My Baby (in colour)

Episode 50

We have decided not to play Descent any more as it’s so balanced it annoys us all equally! So instead for the 50th Episode we play Kobolds Ate My Baby! Anal Dave, Beep, and Naked Jon go forth from the caves to try and get food to keep King Torg (ALL HAIL KING TORG) from eating them.

Obviously being Kobolds they are not well suited to this task. Will they survive the attack of Big Black Cocks, Witches, Runaway Carts, Horny Necromancers, and Leg Humping Terriers?

No. No they won’t. But at least it will be funny listening to them try.

Will they steal the Baby? Will I get so drunk I forget how to roleplay? Will Bloodied ever get the mental images out of his head? Can Archive really Wrassle anything? Will Hardwick beat the Demon Cock to death? Find out in this episode!

In case you haven’t realised, this one is marked as Super Explicit. This is because it is SUUUPER EXPLICIT. If you listen to this you should likely wash your ears out with soap afterwards.

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This Podcast is Super-Explicit. Contains Drunkeness, The Angry Red God Vor, Anal Dave, Eating Babies, Wrassling, Killer Chickens, the devouring of a big black cock, the sound a Kobold makes when it gets hit by a truck, and naked necromancers. Oh and because it’s tradition, Archive. Oh and we were REALLY drunk!

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