Game of Thrones – Peril in Kings Landing – Session 13

Episode 51

It is the day of the Grand Tourney, the house has its plans in order despite the minor curve ball thrown by the melee being EVERYONE on the field at once.

Which means everyone will face the Mountain together.

Will the Mountain kill everyone, will the Grimwood plans bear the fruit they expect or will it all go horribly wrong. Can Garrick actually do what he said he would, and take the Mountains attention so no one else has to die horribly. Did anyone from the family remember to put a bet on? Who will Garrick wink at? Will Thoros be sober enough to fight?

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Garrick Snow, and the Mountain. Winking, Varren attacking Mountain-ettes, Loras Tyrel, and the words “Smash him in the face”

The Music continues to be the White Noise Labs Game of Thrones Metal Cover.

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