Game of Thrones – Peril in Kings Landing – Session 14

Episode 53

The Fight continues with the Mountain and Garrick hacking at each other, Loras getting telling blows. Loras keeps getting involved and doing his flashy fighting. The Great Jon wakes up and starts fighting for real this time!
Amid the clanging and crashing Brian Telson is still assaulting the member of House Lugos’ team for reasons he will no doubt let us know when we aren’t busy. In the meantime, Thoros has gone off on one, which with a flaming sword worries us just as much as the rest of the enemies.
The Mountain has broken the rules. Can we survive it and still win? Will Garrick become legitimate? How much will we win for the bets…

Can House Grimwood survive their victory?

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Garrick Snow, and the Mountain.
The Music continues to be the White Noise Labs Game of Thrones Metal Cover.

2 Responses to “Game of Thrones – Peril in Kings Landing – Session 14”

  1. It’s obviously now a VERY long time since you guys recorded this episode, so the odds of you going back to Westeros and revisiting House Grimwood are probably pretty slim, but on a personal note, I would love to see a continuation of the characters different stories at some point, maybe going after a Dragon Hoard… 😉
    Besides that I just want to say that I had fun listening to your play-through of this story.

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