CoC7e – Dinner at the Dalley-Delmorte Foundation – Session 1

Episode 55

Finally we begin what will be our Epic play through of Horror on The Orient Express. We start however with an introductory adventure “Still Waters of Norfolk” for which this session acts as the first session.

A somewhat eclectic mix of people are drawn together at the Dalley-Delmorte foundation, a foundation that works to rehabilitate people who have fallen foul of the various fake religions and cults that are prevalent in England.

Invited by Henry Terrence-Smythe, the chairman of the foundation, surely there must be more to this than just a nice meal in the center of London.

And what of the other members of the Foundation, Madame Hrovlska, who may be some form of mystic, the Jocular Professor Smith, and the friendly Tolliver Danvers-Dalley. There are also the other guests, Jackson Elias who is some form of writer in the Americas, and the Marques Faighthannaughy (pronounced Fan-how), who is best described as a cold-fish.

Further Information: In the previous campaign Il Porcupino played Mitsy Dalley, Archive played Henry Terrence Smythe, and Nyx played Rowena Towers. Bloodied played a vast number of people, and Hardwick played The Patriach Horace Dolby.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, 1920’s banquets, Cthulhu and potentially murdering! Oh and me doing an impression of Archive playing Henry Terrence-Smythe.
Please note, We seem to be experiencing some issues with Sound Quality, which I am working to deal with.
The Music is Oppressive Gloom by Kevin MacLeod.

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