Unhallowed Metropolis – Desolation of Smog – Session 3

Episode 56

Having fought Von Stahd off they attempt to pursue the now heavily wounded Prussian assassin through the fog, but will he prove too resourceful for them. With the Tavern damaged by the fire he set, and the fog getting into everything could the day get any worse.
Why are all these crows about?
Are those Sirens?
Oh. That’s how it could get worse…

We use the rather fine Syrinscape (Witchwood and Deserted Spooky House sound sets) once again in this episode, through the SoundBomb speaker we bought to make Il Porcupino louder, and also a youTube recording for the sirens.
Oh this one stops abruptly, Mr Ed got over zealous!
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This Podcast is Explicit, Contains Lottie, Politics (real world even!), zombies, sirens, crows, the inevitable death of all that is held dear or wholesome, lots of looking things up in books, and Prussian bashing. Oh and occasionally Squish’s lungs trying to escape from her body.

Please note, We seem to be experiencing some issues with Sound Quality, which I am working to deal with.

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