Episode 63 – CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Session 4

Sound Effect Warning: there is a weird sound about half way through, be prepared!

As they travel north to check into the strange train set that Mehmet Makryat sold, and the buyers strange disappearance, Oliver Oldstaff Settles in to read the Professors account of the strange happenings of 1893; the mystery of the Blood Red Fez.

Finally we get to the first of the new parts of the second edition of Horror on the Orient Express, The Blood Red Fez, a flashback to the victorian age, where we see Henry Terrence Smythe and the first members of the Dalley-Delmorte Foundation standing against another, different Turkish cult.

What has happened to Matthew Pook, and what is going on with the Perfidious Blood Red Fez.

Download the File

I think we might have done combat wrong, I don’t believe you can push combat rolls. Also if you are outnumbered you would still be able to defend, but your enemies gain successive bonus dice.

Please let us know what you think either here, at thecultofteaanddice@gmail.com, or @Cultteaanddice if you want to give us any Feedback, please also feel free to leave us reviews on Itunes

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive. It also contains death, murder, considerable amounts of body horror, oh and somewhat inept combat. Oh and Fezzes, evil fezzes.
Finally I have been told when my books are being sent out. Now to wait a number of weeks until they get here!
The Music is Oppressive Gloom by Kevin MacLeod.

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