Unhallowed Metropolis – Desolation of Smog – Session 4

Episode 64

Trapped in their house, with Von Stahd inside and a Zombie Lord outside Lord Leigh and his compatriots try and come up with a way to first get the zombie lord alone, and then finish him off.

With London overrun by zombies, the fate of the whole metropolis might actually depend on the player characters…z

Oh gods we’re all going to die.

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Here’s the Abbey Mills Pumping station Link

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains indescriminantly rapey vines, zombies, Lottie, Von Stahd, the words ‘poop-chute’, ‘blowjob zombies’,’stinging discharge’ and ghosts. Oh and us, INCREDIBLY BADLY speaking German… specifically “Kommen und haben ein zu gehen, wenn sie denken, dass Sie hart genung sind”

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