Unhallowed Metropolis – Desolation of Smog – Session 5

Episode 67

Trapped in the Abbey Mills Pumping station with something like two hundred Zombies, which are kept at bay solely by a plunging torrent of sewage is bad. Having the Zombie Lord and eighteen of his friends on the wrong side of the of the torrent is bad… one bite and it could be all over.

Plus lets not forget that the Zombie Lord seems to be possessed by an Angry Ghost.

What could go wrong, oh yes, all the things! However with Lord Leigh, Samson, and Von Stahd ready to fight the zombies and Doctor Quist protecting Lottie there is only one question.

Where the hell is Corinne the Mourner! She is after all the competent one!

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Zombies, the concept of Poo-power, possession, self injury, landing on broken ankles, zombies getting mulched, and someone actually getting bitten.

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