Fate Accelerated – Discworld – Quest for the One True Mock Session 3

Cult 71

In our tribute to the Late Sir Terry Pratchett (an awesome gentleman) we have decided to play Fate Accelerated Discworld.
Faced with a giant ball of Obsidian and a roundish room the Unexpounded Relic Retrieval squad press on in the hopes of securing the One True Mock.

Assuming, they A) do not Die and B) the Fourecksians don’t get there first…

Will they get the mock? What lies at the end of the Temple? Who keeps turning on all the lights?
But most importantly, Why oh Why is Hardwick’s character called Yes?

Please consider giving to The Research Institute for the Care of Older People if you loved Sir Pratchett’s work!

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This Podcast is Explicit, contains giant balls, Meta, Terrible Australian Accents, and a Goodbye.

Music is Gaslamp Funworks by Kevin Macleod

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