A Talky Episode – Kickstarter Roundup

Cult 72

We go through Kickstarter project we have backed and loved, and a few that have frustrated us beyond belief (I’m looking at you Chaosium). We round up all of the video game and roleplaying projects we have backed. Also discussed is the habit of programming companies kickstarting the IP free versions of their own previous games (Torment and Numenera for example).

Shadows of Esteren
Revelations of Mars
Plotbuilder cards
Conflict Cards

PS Route 666 did lure me in the end… mostly due to watching Mad Max.

We then move on to Music and Characters, specifically working out each characters theme song and how this enhances the games.


Finally we go through Games for Non-Gamers, and how to introduce non-gamers to a wondrous hobby.

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This Podcast is Explicit, and contains Mine-Turtle, ‘Knocking you up’, Agenda, the Gay Agenda, the Feminist Agenda, Kickstarter, Mawdrigen failing to open a box, and us reminiscing about past games. Also the Evil Koala voice…

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