Dresden Files – Better Read than Dead

Episode 81

Allegory our American Member is over in England so we decided to to a one shot of Dresden Files!

A power vacuum in London has caused all of the various supernatural players in the City to organise a neutral meeting to discuss splitting up the Hoard of the now deceased Dragon.

With the White and Red Courts, the White Council, the Yardies, the Mafia, and the London Metropolitan Police involved everyone assumes it is a trap. Join us as we work out whose trap it is!

The rag tag band will no doubt have to deal with several issues, with an entirely unsympathetic Wizard, a WerePuma, a member of the police, a woman all covered in strange glowing tattoos and the worlds most terrifying IT guy what could possibly go wrong…

Oh wait. Will Reading still be standing?

The Blade:

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This Podcast is Explicit, contains American’s, the worlds most dangerous IT guy, Lions, Vampires, oh and Mawdrigen’s dice try and kill him.

PS the sound recorder dropped one of my lines… I said “It’s like all my christmasses have come at once…”

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