CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – La Fleurs Du Mal- Session 3

Episode 91! Which we mistakenly refer to as Episode 90, sorry about that! After a slightly anarchic start what with time scheduling and reading the schedule list wrong and thinking this was episode 90 for a bit, then looking at the Paris map for ages finally the Investigators settle down to look at their options.

It turns out they have leads for both Poissy and Charenton Asylum. With Comte De Fenalik’s villa being at Poissy, and that being the last known resting place of the Simulacrum they decide to do that first.

Reaching the town they begin their investigations, but will they locate the item they wish to find.

Also what is the strange malady affecting everyone’s left hands? Is there a monster at the window? Why does the daughter have such a silly name?

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The Music is oppressive gloom by Kevin MacLeod

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This Podcast is Explicit, Archive, Quitterie, a trip to Poissy, the happiest Chemist in the world, Interesting notes about Tudor building materials, the use of LOL as a word, French numbers, Mawdrigen doing a French Accent, and scalding.

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