COC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – The Dreamlands Express First Leg – Session 2

Episode 97

On Henri’s fine train travelling to the Gulf of Nodens to cast aside their fears (if they can think of any) they continue to meet with their fellow travellers. Reaching Dyath-Leen several people get on the train, well, people and Things.

Will the disgusting beings from Ib prove to be as disgusting in action as they are in view, and what of the beautiful people from Sarnath? Will they buy wine from the Wine merchant? Who is the Dancer who appears late to the train?

Worse still Oldstaff has already made enemies on the train, although Clarrissa seems to be getting on well with Madame Brujah the severe Elizabethan widow.

Peril stalks the Dreamlands Express, and heinous crimes will be committed. Someone will have to step up to solve the crisis but will the players prove up to the task…

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We actually had… err… ghostly laughs on this recording plus slight belling. Which is a little concerning, because we definitely did not hear them when recording (listen when Hardwick is explaining the layout of the sleeping arrangements)

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, weird trains, cats, angry elizabethan women, dreamlands weirdness, murder, slight belling on the microphones, Coughing (its winter we’re ill) Squeakers, beings of Ib, and a mad man. Oh and Mawdrigen doing an impression of a kitten.

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