The End of the World- An Apocalypse in Yellow – Session 1

Episode 98

Finally get to run the End of the World having failed to the first time due to illness. In this episode we have Hardwick, Loka, and Bloodied playing Hardwick, Loka, and Bloodied as they turn up to a Roleplaying Session at Cult Headquarters only to find that Mawdrigen (their GM) is not present. The only thing in his place is a post it note telling them to come inside and a whole host of Hell New Yogis posters.

Has their GM been swept up in the Hype for this Kawaii Metal Band? Why are all the Police heading towards the Metal Concert? Why is Loka’s first response to anything resembling not the ordinary to seize knives?!?

Find out now on End of the World: An Apocalypse in Yellow.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Peril, Horror, Weirdness, Proper Warboy-Looking Fuckers, The Yellow Sign, Hell Newt Yogis, Body Horror, Rioting, He Is Come, and most likely Loka getting Murdered.

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