Episode 99 – COC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – The Dreamlands Express First Leg – Session 3

Henri’s train is in Jeopardy, the murder of Blackjack the kitten threatens to destroy his alliance with Ulthar which could spell the end of the deal with Nodens and the end of the train forever.

But who amongst the current travellers on the train is the cold blooded murderer, and what will they do to defend their secret?

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Slight belling probably due to having to remove so very much Buzz. At least there was no creepy giggling.

Please let us know what you think either here, at thecultofteaanddice@gmail.com, or @Cultteaanddice if you want to give us any Feedback, please also feel free to leave us reviews on Itunes

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, weird trains, cats, angry elizabethan women, dreamlands weirdness, murder, slight belling on the microphones, Coughing (its winter we’re ill) Squeakers, beings of Ib, and a mad man. Oh and Mawdrigen doing an impression of a kitten.

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