Fate Accelerated – Android: Netrunner – Firmware Fear – Session 1

Episode 111

In this game I attempt to run a Fate Accelerated game based on Fantasy Flight Games Android Netrunner universe. Why you ask? Because I’ve been listening to a lot of target = “_new”>Run Last Click, and playing Android Netrunner, and because after our month off we have absolutely no buffer so I’m trying to run lots of small games to build it back up.

Join us now as “Burnt Orange” Swain and Iris try and stop an evil corporation’s plan. Can they find the source of their Firmware fear. Find out now!

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For more information on the excellent Android: Netrunner LCG and associated games, please look here. Please go look it’s awesome.

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The Buzz is back… I’ve done my best to clear it up.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Archive losing her pencil behind her ear, a lot of Netrunner puns, Houses burning down, the least Spanish accent ever, and Evil Corporations, technology trying to destroy us. Mawdrigen nearly gets killed as the OVA rulebook realises it would be better for running this game and dives off the shelves to make it’s disapproval known! Oh and the image of Stephen Fry going at someone with a knife.

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