Fate Accelerated – Android: Netrunner – Firmware Fear – Session 3

Episode 119

Burnt Orange Swain and Iris are still down in the Underway trying to work out how they can save the world from murderous Jeeves Bioroids, while at the same time trying to avoid being in a traffic accident. Their new “friend” Apex seems to think that if he (it?) gets uploaded to the GRINDL servers that he can stop the upload.

Will they be able to upload Apex onto the system in time? Will the Cleaners catch up with them? Will Burnt Orange Swain be distracted by shiny things?

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For more information on the excellent Android: Netrunner LCG and associated games, please look here. Please go look it’s awesome.

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The Buzz is mostly clear on this recording shame about the chanting children really!

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Peril, I’ll be a Dimensional Shambler, hacking, Brain Damage, Viscious combat and APEX VOICE. Oh and an example of why Gun Safety is important.

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