CoC7e– Horror on the Orient Express – Death in a Gondola – Session 4

Episode 118

With Bice telling them that her mistress is in Dire Straits (not the band but the actual predicament) they head out to find everyones favourite flamboyant socialist Georgio.

Will they be able to save Miss Stagliani from a fate worse than death, that of being married to the man made of ham Alberto Rossini. Will they be able to get hold of the Sedefkar Simulacrum if they start a ruck with the Black Shirts however, and even if they can… will they survive the effort to get it with their sanity, and bodies, intact.

Finally we try the “brother” of the Brown Rice Tea, that so traumatised us that I cannot even remember what session we reviewed it on.

The later half of the recording has some sound issues sadly, I have attempted to clean them up.

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The Music is Oppressive Gloom by Kevin MacLeod.

This Podcast is Explicit and contains swearing, Cripple the Hulk once more SMASH, the worlds most deadly ninja flapper, Blackshirts, murder, Rustic Lads, Georgio being VERY Flamboyant and madness oh and the mystery pond.

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