Shadowrun 5e – The Lights are going out in Southwark – Session 7

Episode 122

With Mad Barry’s head in the bag (literally) the Shadowrunners head home, but with Ruffles badly damaged Menelaus instead pulls an all nighter to get him back up to speed before they head off to talk to the Mole people.

Will the meeting with Gavin Lorrikan go well? Or will they use that old Ork Diplomacy and end up shooting the place up? Find out now!

(PS if you havent listened to the Fandibles Shadowrun stuff, you should! Here)

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The Music is The Complex by Kevin MacLeod.

This Podcast is Explicit and contains swearing, descriptions of Norsefire types getting blown up, Mole people, drugs, voice changers, and surprises. Mawdrigen utters a very british sentence, and the British obssession with ‘Bags for Life’ are discussed. Oh and the concept of “Militant Liberal Democrats” is mooted.

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