New World of “Darkness” – Dude, where’s my Trevor.

Episode 124

Welcome to the world of “Darkness” where in we follow three university students as they try to work out where the hell Trevor has gone with their results. They need those results. Like really need them.

This triggers a romp through the university campus, there’s breaking, there’s entering, there’s attempted seduction. There may even be mystery!

The main question however is… WHERE THE HELL IS TREVOR AND THE RESULTS!

Warning, the word Trevor is used something like a billion times in this episode.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Strong Language, Drug References, very very moderate peril, Agrics, The least effective investigation team, the concept of Goatseybikes (do not google this), also yanking the goatsey bikes off (do not google this), Mawdrigen playing a stoner, Agrics, Doing the D, discussions of Agric mating rituals, Dwayne Dibbly, Popping the Collar, the Dilophosaurus of Luuuurrrrrve, and discussions of Agric drinking rituals (pink wellies full of vodka).

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