FAE – 2016 Zombie Force – (ITS SUPER EXPLICIT!) – Rhyleh Rising, Rhyleh? Ya Rhyley!

Episode 150

It’s the 150th episode, and we’re all drinking (so much, so very very much) so this cannot possibly go wrong!

Join us as Bloodied leads us as secret special agent zombies, some recently recruited (you know in 2016 the most murderous of years), and some of shall we say … greater vintage as we attempt to ensure that the world doesn’t end.

Will Mr Higgins and the others be able to save the world? Or will the evil cultists be able to raise Rhyleh? Who IS their leader, why should we care? Where’s the Rum?

This is the sloppiest of episodes.

Oh and some very… fine celebrity impersonations.

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Due to quietness (yes Quietness!) there may be slight sound issues on this one)

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, a demon coming in a teapot, TMI, SO MUCH INFORMATION, Celebrity Zombies, buttchugging cocaine, Cthulhu on the supreme court, bruce fucking willis, Twiddling Knobs, Auntie Mabel the notable lush, Jinsy, british tv show nostalgia, the trauma of the animals of farthing wood, octupus crotch, bloodied reveals a deep and abiding hatred of pudsey the bear, the wilhelm screen

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