New World of “Darkness” – Return of the Pod People – Session 2

Episode 149

Faced with the revelation that Steve wasn’t on something when he said there were Pod People (well he was but he wasn’t delusional), they decide to follow up on the clue of the abandoned house presented to them by Professor North.

Armed with a narrative clip and the worlds spiciest glasses cleaner spray, Valerie, Steve, and Wilberforce first talk to the letting agents and then get ready to prepare the ground for a break in later.

However will they be able to work out what is going on, what caused the fire that supposedly killed the two brothers, and whether the Pod People are On To Them.

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, badly made bong sounds, drugs, drugs references, lethal pepper spray, breaking and entering, semantics, dodgy bookcases, bad language, cringeworthy wilberforcisms, wits is very boring, the troubles with buying wrestling tickets in the uk, “cutten”, and we realise that we’ve been doing this for FOUR YEARS!

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