CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Bread Or Stone – Session 1

Episode 160

After a brief Champagne Breakfast they find themselves arriving in Vinkovinci by means of an anarchist (or comunist, or maybe croatian) bomb on the points the Investigators are immediately thrown into a dangerous situation. The Serbian Military Police think they are probably anarchists, or maybe Communists. Then they come to the aid of a damsel in distress with dangerous effect.

Also we plug the SideQuest Adventure Decks by Inkwell Ideas (available HERE) which have a few seeds written by Mawdrigen!

We also try a Purple tea for the first time in the podcast, which proves a bit tart!

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The Music is Oppressive Gloom by by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Mawdrigen being belligerent due to tired, We do Science talking (Diaretic / Diuretic), Il Porcupino gets confused about Slow Beans, the fibre content of various fruits, Mawdrigen STILL can’t do scottish accents, Telegrams, mispronouncing Serbian – Croatian – Bosnian names, Fucking Anarchists, Pushing old ladies

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