End of the World – An Apocalypse in Yellow – Session 3

Episode 171

Welcome back to a very British Apocalypse, as Archive and Hardwick try to escape to the town of Reading to the Promised land of Sonning. We of course get off to a typically on track start, getting very distracted by the weird Eldritch chanting of the Children outside (who were roaring and squeaking).

Once that is dealt with they begin trying to deal with the fact that Archive, as part of her sneaking past the Jolly Anglers Fishermen Pub, by accident instead fired her Fire Extinguisher in through the window.


Todays Route
The Full Route
The Yellow Sign

Will the survivors continue to survive, will they make it to Sonning? Why are the cultists using Microwaves as weapons? Oh and they finally fail to avoid the Yellow Sign.

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The Music is Dark Fog by Kevin MacLeod.

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Really ridiculously loud Chanting Children, giving Archive the finger, Swimming, Gastro-enteritis, Apache Helicopter vs Flock of Bhyakee, raining chunks, and Escape???

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