Tales from the Loop – The Grimsby Loop – Chimearic – Session 1

Episode 180

In the 1960’s while the Boulder and Mahlaren loops were being built the British Government thought they would get in on the action as well and built a small (10KM) loop under the North East of England and the North Sea Bed. As the North East doesn’t really exist to Westminster it was the perfect place to site their Research centre, which absolutely does not do any Military Research in the marshes out towards Donna Nook.


None what-so-ever…

The Bona Reactors and the Sand forts, the Research Centres and the Minefields, they are all a backdrop however to the much more important things our heroes are going through. Will they survive the dreaded Thursday Afternoon Cross Country Run!

Join us now as the Kids of the Wintringham Secondary School attempt to navigate through crushes, teachers, bullies, and being the “Psycho” kid. All while in the distance shadowy forces perform strange experiments either in the research centre at Saltfleet, or out at the two Sand Forts, Bull and Heald.

Slightly short session this time as we had to create characters first.

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The Music is Spellbound by Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Bona Reactors, The pain of cleaning a loose leaf tea pot, Morning Thunder, we realise that the British don’t understand Maté, Huge schools, Low cut dresses, Mawdrigen channeling his school days, awkward crushing, Flappering in the air, Pushing people over in the Playground, cross country running, riding like bunnies on rabbits…., Assualt and battery, ragging on Nunsthorpe, and Mawdrigen using the word Denouement in anger!

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