CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Sanguis Omnia Vincet – Session 1

Episode 181 Trigger warning: Body horror!

It’s back to the time of the Roman Legions now as the elite Fortes Falcones take just one last mission before they all get to retire finally.

Led by the heroic Tillius Corvus they head over in to Lydia where the hideous Valerian Plague is claiming lives amid rumours of satanic cults and rebellion. Desperate to provent the spread of the plague the Magister Militum sends in the best of the best.

But will they be able to get to the bottom of it all without losing their own lives. They are so close to earning all of the benefits of service to Rome over their many years, if they can get through this one last mission and make it to retirement.

This is going to end well…

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The Music is Oppressive Gloom by by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, very fucking fruity tea,flaying, skinless bodies, plague, skin tearing, body horror, death, insanity, giant men sitting on peoples faces, probably dead people, Serious Body horror, and living skin…

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