CoC7e – Horror on the Orient Express – Sanguis Omnia Vincet – Session 5

Episode 189
Trigger warning: Body horror!

The REAL session 5. Having snuck into the Cult’s hideout they reach where they believe the leader of the cult Unwen Ga Wahlith is hiding, but as they approached the tapestries launched themselves on the attack.

In the last session of Sanguis Omnia Vincet we find out if the Roman troops will get to actually retire or whether they will fall foul of the “2 Days before Retirement” trope.

Will they defeat the Cult, will they survive? Can Belasir be persuaded to put the lamps down.

The most important question though is… Will Tillius Corvus Survive.

A Slightly shorter session this time as there was a lot of searching in the rulebooks for Spells that has been cut out!

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The Music is Oppressive Gloom by by Kevin MacLeod (
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License

This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Burninating friends, The Doomed Tillius Corvus, Harmontown References, Dad’s Army References, Copious Fangirling, baby face pillows, weirdly thick and sinewy flesh, and the worst wedding ever.

There may be a post credits scene…

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