Dead Of Night – Itu Warna – Session 1

Episode 308

The year is 1972 and Dr Sandy Bakersfield has put together an expedition to a remote Indonesian island to look into rumours of strange beasts and verdant growth. Backed by the shadowy Geneveive Dindroff-Menscher of Arkham, and with Dr Nuess, Dr Minkie, and the slightly nervous Dr Salchesse they are heading into the wild unknown with 3 interns and Irfan Rhampattang their Malay guide.

It should just be a case of getting dropped off and collecting samples.

At Least that’s what Bakersfield has told them, glossing over the stories of Ghosts and Headhunters!

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains Archive, Peril, Research scientists, Sex, Violence, and a surprising amount of popping off for a wee.

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