Shadowrun 5e – The Lights are going out in Southwark – Session 3

Episode 94

With their job secured they begin trying to work out exactly what they are going to actually do about it. Their Air Spirit has given them a basic layout of the place complete with eyes on walls, and flappy things…

Now they need to work out how to actually break a Type 47 reactor without having to take the thing to bits one step at a time. With Saederr Krupp not putting the schematics on the Matrix in case someone uses them to blow them up, they need to locate someone with the knowledge.

Or someone who has a Saederr 47 reactor just lying around. Enter Bob Robinson, London city planner.

I am incredibly unhappy with the sound quality on this one. There were again some sound issues, but of course they were different sound issues from the ones I had finally fixed. This has caused a few words being skipped here and there as they were obscured by crackling. I will make an attempt to adjust the microphones again for the next recording. We are also trying to sort the issue regarding Loka not knowing when other people are talking (damn you Skype)

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains a Minotaur (not MinaTAR) rigger, bad language, guns, David Cameron’s alleged Pig Necrophilia, a few Fallout 4 spoilers, the words “well if he will present…”, “Spirits carry things with their knob”, us trying to learn the new rules, and random frustrating crackles (mostly removed).

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  1. Hey guys. Podcast looks interesting but I can’t get your download link to work. Sounds interesting though. Shadowrun in England is a nice new environment for the American crowd.

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