Shadowrun 5e – The Lights are going out in Southwark – 4

Episode 95

Please note if you haven’t watched the ADVERT for fallout four, there is a spoiler for fallout four.

Join us as we continue to learn the Shadowrun 5e combat rules (although we do forget the -ve roll to defend for being hit with multiple attacks between your actions). The Gang dealt with Brochan dissappears off with Julian Fannah, and leaves the rest of his team to deal with the whole fighting ghouls in a dark basement bit…

So they open the door and despite having a drone right there Leonid takes point. Will the Ork Samurai survive not only the Ghouls but the “supporting” fire from Ruffles the Drone and the other Shadowrunners?

Also All Praise Ruffles our new Machine Overlord.

Nb. We mention getting the Rule of Six, however the Rule of Six is ONLY on rolls using edge. So Many Rules….!

A few sound issues here but far less than the previous episode. I am still working on it!

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This Podcast is Explicit and contains a Minotaur (not MinaTAR) rigger, bad language, guns, a few more Fallout 4 spoilers, haribo and their crackly crackly bags, a drunk Bloodied, discussions of Ruffles potential “Dalek issues”, Ghoulicide, and gunfire

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